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Our mission


Sales Operators

The main problem

2% Response rate + 98% Annoyed

"Unsubscribe me from your email list!"

If you know what this message is about, you are definitly a spammer! ;)

A spammer is a seller sending emails to the wrong targets AND is sending the wrong words to the right targets!

Damage to reputation
Sending irrelevant emails can damage your credibility as a sender, causing recipients to perceive you as unprofessional
Wasted Resources
Sending spam emails to the wrong people is a waste of time, resources, and energy that could be used for more productive and targeted email marketing
Reduced Email Deliverability
Spamming decreases email deliverability, making it harder for legitimate emails to reach recipients
What your 98% annoyed recipients never told you!
  • "Why are you written to me? Your offer is really not relevant to what I work on"


    HR Manager

  • "I received 10+ similar cold email this week about SEO services, this is too much!"



  • "This is a bulk standard email, so obvious"


    Sale Expert

  • "No longer work there"


    Ecommerce Expert

  • "Where did they got my email?"



Spammers common mistakes

Your gurus are misleading you

We spent thousands of hours and $ learning from popular cold email gurus and no one got it right

Paying 10+ domains + email providers
Volume targeting is not a cost effective strategy
Hiring 'low quality' freelancers
Hiring low cost freelancers to write personalized lines for thousands of leads
Ignoring research
Filtering giant databases with few criteria is not enough in your target selection
Lack of personalization
Over selling with a standard approach will have low reply rate
Stop paying to make noise

Our mission is to ensure that your emails are delivered to the perfect target audience, using the most effective words and approaches to achieve the highest possible response rates. We base our paradigm on precision, utilizing strategic intelligence research, ICP matching, and crafting tailor-made copywriting for each recipient.

Co-CEO of EmailOpener
Sales Operator: Accurate & Relevant

The solution

Ideal Customer Persona (ICP)
EmailOpener logo EmailOpener
Personalized emails per target
Persona Targeting Score (PTS)

How it works?

Upload your CSV
We only need few information about your recipients
Let us do our magic
We collect intelligence on each recipient - then we craft with A.I the best personalized first line. We also calculate the Persona Targeting Score.
Collect your first lines & PTS
After 24h you can collect all your first lines and PTS scores

With EmailOpener

200% higher reply rates
More Positive Replies
Higher Meeting Booking Rate
Improved Lead Quality
USP to other cold email senders
Customization at scale
Prospects value and feel heard

Without EmailOpener

Low reply rates
No standing out from the crowd
Struggle to get positive replies
Low Meeting Booking Rate
Not customization at scale

We are just starting & already making a difference!

This is only the begining of our journey to transform email campaigns!

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