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Understanding the Persona Targeting Score (PTS)

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To sum up

The Persona Targeting Score (PTS) is a key feature of EmailOpener.com, designed to enhance the effectiveness of cold email campaigns. It works by:

  1. Evaluating Compatibility: The PTS is a matching score that measures how well an email recipient aligns with the sender's Ideal Customer Persona (ICP).
  2. Data-Driven Approach: Email Opener collects and analyzes detailed information about each recipient, including online activities, to calculate the PTS.
  3. Targeted Campaigns: Marketers use the PTS to prioritize recipients who closely match their ICP, leading to more targeted and resonant email campaigns.

Benefits of PTS:

  • Higher Engagement: Personalized emails based on PTS scores lead to better recipient engagement and open rates.
  • Stronger Customer Relationships: Understanding recipient needs and interests through the PTS fosters better relationships.
  • Increased Profitability: Targeting the right customers enhances campaign effectiveness and ROI.
  • Less Spam, More Replies: Focusing on relevant recipients reduces spam and increases positive responses.

Practical Application:

  • Users upload a CSV with recipient details.
  • EmailOpener uses NLP and AI to analyze data, craft personalized emails, and calculate the PTS.
  • Users receive personalized lines and PTS scores within 24 hours for a more effective campaign.
The Persona Targeting Score (PTS) is a tool designed to enhance the lead quality for cold email campaigns. This score determines the effectiveness and precision of email marketing strategies. See what it is and how it works:

What is the Persona Targeting Score (PTS)?

The Perfect Customer Persona

The PTS is a unique metric developed by Emailopener.com. It is essentially a matching score that evaluates the compatibility between the recipient of an email and the sender's Ideal Customer Persona (ICP). This score is calculated for each email recipient, ensuring that the email campaign targets the most suitable audience.

How Does the Persona Targeting Score (PTS) Work?

Before uploading your Lead List to Emailopener, we ask you to describe your Ideal Customer Persona for the upcoming campaign.

Then we use the intelligence collected about your leads to map them with the ICP you described in the beginning. The score for every lead can range between -1 and 100.

  • Where 100 means that the lead is a perfect fit to your ICP.
  • Where 0 means that the lead is not a good fit to your ICP at all.
  • Where -1 means there is not enough valid data out there to collect for the lead.

Benefits of Using the PTS

  • Higher Engagement and Open Rates: Personalized emails, crafted based on the PTS, are more likely to grab the recipient's attention, leading to better engagement.
  • Improved Customer Relationships: By showing that you understand your recipients' needs and interests, the PTS helps in building stronger relationships.
  • Increased Profitability: Targeting the right customers every time maximizes the campaign's effectiveness and ROI.
  • Reduced Spam and More Replies: By focusing on people who genuinely need your services, the PTS minimizes spam and increases the likelihood of positive responses.

The Persona Targeting Score in Detail

  • Data Collection: Email Opener collects detailed information about each recipient of an email campaign. This includes analyzing their online activity and other relevant data points.
  • Score Calculation: Based on this data, the PTS is calculated. It quantifies how closely a recipient matches the sender's ICP, with a higher score indicating a better match.
  • Campaign Optimization: Email marketers can then prioritize recipients with higher PTS scores. This approach ensures that the campaign is more targeted and likely to resonate with the audience.
  • Campaign Accuracy: By prioritizing recipients with higher PTS scores, email campaigns become more targeted and accurate.
  • Reducing Spam and Increasing Replies: Targeting the right people reduces spam and increases the likelihood of receiving replies.
  • Profitability: Talking to the right customer every time enhances the profitability of the campaign.

Practical Application

To utilize the PTS, users simply upload a CSV file with recipient names, LinkedIn URLs, and company names. Emailopener then uses AI to collect information on each recipient, craft personalized first lines for the emails, and calculate the PTS. After 24 hours, users can collect their personalized first lines and PTS scores, ready to launch a more effective and targeted email campaign.

An example provided on the website illustrates the PTS in action:

  • ICP Example: Marketing Manager at a Tech Company in London, responsible for innovative marketing strategies.
  • Example Outcome: Victor B., Senior Marketing Manager at AWS UK, with a PTS of 76/100, and Alexander F., Co-Founder/CEO of GrowFaster, with a PTS of 12/100.


The Persona Targeting Score by EmailOpener represents a significant advancement in email marketing & lead generation. By enabling a more personalized and targeted approach, it promises higher engagement rates, better customer relationships, and increased profitability for email marketing campaigns. This tool is particularly beneficial for marketers looking to minimize wasted resources and maximize the impact of their email outreach.